Made by JB © Claudines Gjestehus 2002 -2015. Strandgata 162 9690 Havøysund Norway   Jan Jensen, Denmark Halibut 188 cm. 90 kg 2014 2013 Lars Färnskog, Sweden Halibut 188 cm. 90 kg Myrfjord Sjøhus Welcome to Myrfjord far up North! From 2009, we have offered "crazy" anglers a fantastic sea fishing in the wonderful nature. Nestled between towering mountains lies our fine establishment that offers comfortable apartments and boats to "decent" prices. Most of our guests are coming back, indicating that they feel comfortable with us in Myrfjord! On our website you will find information about the boats and your accommodation in Myrfjord .. very welcome to us. Pontus Sjöström Sweden Halibut 170 cm. 70,3 kg 2012 Jonny Nyström Sweden Halibut 239 cm. 191 kg 2011 Lars Skoglund  Sweden Halibut 75kg 2010 Thomas Holmesjö Sweden Halibut 180 cm 100 kg  2009
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We are proud to present: “Skreifiske i Havøysund”  Read more here 8 mars-12 April 2017 Ted Jörlin, Sweden Halibut 181 cm. 82 kg 2015