Made by JB © Claudines Gjestehus 2002 -2015. Strandgata 162 9690 Havøysund Norway   Where are your friends fishing right now?  You can see where on Myrfjords live map... Poor coverage inside Myrfjord makes our boats loses signal in Myrfjord on the network, but you can see on the webcam if your friends is at the floating bridge... Login with: Password:   demo Click on the boat on the map to find out more about the boat
Live webcam Online

As the first fishing camp in Norway, we offer you now to have free access to our satellite tracking! We believe that maritime safety goes before secret fishing spots, audience can see where you fish, but not if you get any fish! Have your friends on the other boat problems, then you can now see exactly where they are and come quickly to the rescue. Use Google Chrome, Opera or another browser, Not Internet Explorer (works poorly on this site) Drag the map with your mouse to Northern Norway, there you can find our boats!